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Memo to Parents

I am writing to provide a quick update on the status of school re-opening. Mission Public Schools is planning to enter Stage Three by the beginning of June, and we are working hard to prepare our schools for the re-entry of students.

You may recall that last week I sent out a letter with the table below in it:

Stage Description

One Regular Full time school K-12

Two K-7 Full time, 8-12 blended

Three K-6* Part time in school (two day/wk in school); 7-12 blended, largely online

Four Childcare provided by districts, some vulnerable students F2F, most students online

Five School sites closed, all education is online

* One important update in Mission is that we have added grade 6 to the part time in school group. It makes sense for our school structure to add them to the K-5 group. If you are the parent of an elementary aged child, expect contact from your school principal to establish which two days of the week your child can attend school. As noted last week, you make the decision as to whether or not to send your child to school.

Essential Service Workers with children in school district childcare will continue to be offered this service. You can also combine it with regular school attendance, with your child in childcare three days a week. Please note some childcare may move location to Heritage Park Middle School, as classrooms are being re-utilized for regular instruction.

At the middle and secondary level, students will continue to work from home, but with the opportunity to visit with teachers one day a week for additional support. Expect contact from your school on how this will work for students.

As noted last week, there are many details to consider. Our buses will not hold as many students. New rules around hygiene, play areas, and the like are coming. Most importantly, with a few days a week with students, teachers will not be expected to ‘catch up’ on the last few months. We know much work will need to be done in the new year too. But this will provide an opportunity for some support for students, and some guidance for those transitioning from elementary to middle or middle to secondary school.

As always, we will try to update you as new information is available. We know that this is a stressful time and there is much uncertainty. As we move to this new transitional time, to quote Dr Henry, the Provincial Health Officer, “Be calm, be kind, be safe.” As always, you

are welcome to reach out to me by contacting me at Please stay healthy and stay safe.


Angus Wilson

Superintendent of Schools


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