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What is Trades Sampler?

Trades Sampler is a one semester program that is of special interest to students who are considering pursuing a career in the skilled trades after graduation.

Trades Sampler offers students the chance to explore four trades in enough depth to have a good understanding of what would be involved in pursuing a particular trade as a career option.

Riverside College will be offering Trades Sampler in the spring semester to students currently in Grade 11 or 12. The course will run from February 1 to June 30.

Students interested in this course should complete their academic requirements in the fall semester in order to focus on trades exploration in the spring semester.


Why Take the Trades Sampler Program?

Many of the trades offered in Trades Sampler are also offered as a Year 1 Apprenticeship program at Riverside College. A student may easily transition from Trades Sampler to the trade of their choice and begin their apprenticeship starting the next semester. Early registration is encouraged to ensure a place.  Each student will gain 16 Ministry of Education credits towards graduation in the Trades Sampler Program.

What Will I Learn in the Trades Sampler Program?

Trades Modules: (approx 4 weeks each)

Core Training:

  • BC Apprenticeship System

  • Employability skills

  • Essential skills in Literacy, Numeracy and Technical Fluency related to trades

  • Safe Work Practices

  • Career planning


  • Electrical circuits

  • Drawings and Specifications

  • Low Voltage Distribution Systems

  • Install and test electrical circuits.


  • Hand and Portable Tool use

  • Pipes, Valves and Fittings

  • Residential Water Delivery and Waste Systems

  • Install simple plumbing systems with various types of pipes and fittings


  • Tool and Equipment use

  • General Automotive Maintenance

  • Automotive Electrical Systems

  • Use lifting and jacking equipment, perform basic maintenance

  • Diagnose simple problems with automotive systems


  • Tool and Shop Equipment use

  • Read Construction Drawings and Specifications

  • Floors, Walls and Partitions

  • Frame floors, support systems and walls

Trades Sampler

· · ·

Program Start Date:

N/A - Trades Sampler is not being offered at this time.




Program Length:

20 Weeks

Program Fees & Tuition:

Fees apply to this program. Please contact our office for details.


  • Grade 10

  • Math 11 (any)

  • Socials Studies 11

  • Science 11

  • English Language Arts 11




  • Construction Safety Training System

  • First Aid (OFA Level 1)

  • Fall Protection

  • Hilti Certification



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