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“I've been at the same salon since before I finished school in 2010. If I were to do it all again I wouldn't choose anywhere else to go. You were extremely motivating and inspiring, you always pushed us to do better and reach our goals even when we wanted to give up. You wanted nothing more than to see everyone succeed. So thank you Krista; I couldn't have done it without you.” Amanda H. Hairdressing graduate 2010


“My experience at Riverside College was both fun and thorough. I learned a lot from the program; Miss B is an excellent instructor. We covered several procedures, including both nail, and lash extensions, neither of which are taught in a basic esthetics program. I took away a lot of knowledge and experience. This is an amazing program to take part in.” Jenny M. Esthetics graduate 2014


“My apprenticeship training at Riverside was a great help both in getting hired and on the job. My first job after Riverside was reading blueprints and taking material estimates for my boss; skills I learned at Riverside.” Thomas W. Carpentry graduate 2011


“I attended Riverside College, and graduated in 2004 with my Grade 12 as well as my Business Support certificate. I had a great experience at Riverside and now work for Correctional Services of Canada as an Executive Assistant (since 2008).” Sarah C. Business Support Specialist graduate 2004


“Attending Riverside College allowed me the opportunity to explore different paths within the helping professions. I got my foot in the door with a local agency and have been with them ever since. Attending Riverside also gave me direction and the drive to continue to further my education.” Kristi M. CSW/EA graduate


"When I started my journey at Riverside, I expected to get a job when I was done. Over the last four years, I have come to realize that I received so much more than an education. This is no longer a job for me, it's a way of life. I spend my days, doing something I love and am passionate about, and I have as much work as I could possibly want!! My life is remarkable, thanks to Riverside." Adina M. CSW/EA graduate 2012


“I’m managing a hair salon and working on opening my own within the next year. There's no way I could have done it with out you! Thanks so much again!“ Robin M. Hairdressing graduate 2009







From my perspective, Riverside College is a qualified institution in the region offering trades training and career education. They provide local businesses like ours with talented graduates for practicum placement and/or employment opportunities. The graduates from the Business Support program have proven their worth with our organization. Furthermore, they received both hands on training and curriculum specific to skills they need in the business environment. Raymond Szabada, President & CEO iOpen Technologies


I wish to acknowledge the contribution Riverside College Trade Skills Program is making to the community of Mission with their many courses in trades and skills for people who choose to pursue a trade’s career. Trade skills are life skills that all of us need in our daily challenge of earning a living, building a family and contributing to the economy. I suspect that the majority of students enter the work force without university degrees, Riverside College with its trade skills program offers the opportunity for students in Mission to learn the skills required to get better paying jobs. Lloyd Rash, Mission Heritage Association


District of Mission Fleet Services recently hosted a student who was of great benefit to our operation as he came with safety skills, unusually high technical skills and good interpersonal skills. Seeing students this well trained and skilled gives me hope for the next generation of technicians. Ivan Boychuk, Fleet Supervisor District of Mission

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