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How Much do Electricians Make?


What are my Career Options?

  • In the construction industry; residential, commercial, industrial (Construction Electricians)

  • In the maintenance departments of factories, plants and similar establishments (Industrial Electricians)

  • In hospitals, schools, universities and other public institutions (Institutional Electricians)

  • Electronic controls and monitoring


 What will I learn?

  • Safe work practices

  • How to use the required tools and equipment

  • Common core for electrical speciality

  • Troubleshooting and installing selected circuit devices in accordance with established standards, practices and codes

  • Industrial power electronics

  • Math literacy and science skills will be taught in order to accurately read, layout, design and sketch basic electrical drawings

  • Calculate electrical circuit quantities

  • Use a logical thinking process for problem-solving and decision making

  • Interact with others within groups or teams in ways that contribute to the effective working relationships and achievements of goals.


Is electrician the career for me?

Construction Electricians work in a wide variety of buildings and facilities - on everything from lighting and climate control systems, to communication equipment and thousands of other specific tools and devices. A Construction Electrician's work involves assembling, installing, commissioning, testing, maintaining, servicing and operating electrical systems and equipment.

Construction Electricians also need a good understanding of the many applications of electricity, and must ensure that building codes and other safety requirements are followed.


Construction Electrician -


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Program Start Date:



Program Length:

42 Weeks



  • Grade 10

  • Math 11 (Foundation or Pre-Calculus)

  • Socials Studies 11

  • Science 11

  • Language Arts 11

Recommended Courses:

  • Pre-Calculus 11/12 

  • Physics 11/12

  • Drafting 11/12

  • Work Experience 12

  • Youth Work in Trades 



  • ITA Electrical Level 1 Technical Training

  • OFA1/Emergency First Aid


  • Construction Safety Training System

  • Fall Protection

  • Super Host



If you are interested in applying for the Electrical Program, please contact the office for an application. 

Upcoming zoom info session to be announced.

Please check back for updates.