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Studio 75 Salon

What You'll Learn

  • Conflict management

  • Customizing haircuts, cutting facial and nape hair as well as understanding procedure to shave facial and nape hair

  • Styling long hair for special occasions
    and adding hair into styles 

  • Retexturing hair with straightening, relaxing and smoothing chemicals, corrective colour 

  • Applying and styling wigs, hairpieces and extensions

  • Developing a business and marketing plan.

Presentation of the theory and practice of chemical reformation, cutting and styling, colour correction competencies. Topics include terminology, application, and workplace procedures relating to chemical reformation, cutting, corrective colouring and styling competencies. The student will identify terminology related to chemical reformation, corrective colouring, cutting and styling competencies and demonstrate the proper application. The student will execute
customer service soft skills and role play conflict resolution scenarios. The student will also develop a working business and marketing plan.

If you are interested in taking the Hairstylist Level 2 course, please contact the office for an application. 

Hairstylist - Level 2

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Program Start Date:



Program Length:

10 Weeks

Program Schedule:



Program Costs:



Other Costs:

Program Dress Code



  • Successful completion of   Level 1



  • SkilledTradesBC Hairstylist Level 2


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