Educational Support - Tess Atwill

Room #117        Office Hours - 9:00am - 3:00pm (Monday - Friday)

Tess is available to support all of the Riverside College students academically.  Students can drop-in for support with Math, English, Grad Transitions, essay writing, study skills, etc...


Counselling - Karli Bartlett

Room #210D      Office Hours - Monday AM

Karli is available for counselling support on Monday mornings.  

Youth Care Worker - Barb Iversen

Room #210B      Office Hours - 9:00am - 3:00pm (Monday and Thursday)

Barb is available for support on Monday and Thursday.  If needed, Barb can be contacted by text message or by her cell phone in case of emergencies.  Please contact the office for Barb's cell phone number.

Indigenous Support - Susan O'Soup

Room #210A      Office Hours - 9:00am - 2:45pm (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Susan supports our Indigenous students through counselling and support.  Susan can support Indigenous students by helping them secure Band funding for their program.

Youth Work in Trades (SSA) - Carolyn Chezzi

Room #223      Office Hours - Please contact Carolyn at carolyn.chezzi@mpsd.ca to schedule an appointment

Carolyn is available to work with students who are currently working in an ITA Trade.  


Career Advisor - Alexandra Goliath

Please contact Alexandra at alexandra.goliath@mpsd.ca to set-up an appointment.

Alexandra is available to work with students on a student need basis.  She will work with students on potential career opportunities, resumes, career searches, MyBlueprint, interview skills, etc...


Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP)

Doug Halvorson Office 604-755-136 email doug.halvorson@bccassn.com



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