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New Programs Offered at Riverside College Next Year


Construction Electricians work in a wide variety of buildings and facilities - on everything from lighting and climate control systems, to communication equipment and thousands of other specific tools and devices. A Construction Electrician's work involves assembling, installing, commissioning, testing, maintaining, servicing and operating electrical systems and equipment.—(10 month Program)


Construction Electrician

Trades Exploration

Earn 16 credits towards graduation while gaining Common Core essential skills in 4 of Riverside College’s skilled trades.  The students will spend approximately 4 weeks in each of the following trades: Plumbing, Carpentry, Automotive and Electrical.  This exposure to the trades will give the student a base of what to expect if they entered this trade.—(5 Month Program)



Tuition Free Post-Secondary if you are under 19 years of age

Limited Seating in All Programs

Close To Home

Certified Instructors

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