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How much do CSW/EAs make?

Year 2019                                     Low wage              High wage

Career                                           per hour                  per hour 

Community Support Worker       $18.47                    $21.51

Educational Assistant                   $23.51                    $27.33

Sources: Community Social Service Employers’ Association of BC; BC Public School Employer’s Association.  (Salaries are based on Mission and Abbotsford area.)

Where can I go from here?

Community Support Work is an excellent foundation for teaching, social work, nursing and psychology careers.

What are my career options?

  • In schools as an Educational Assistant

  • In community programs and homes as a CSW

  • In mental health programs as a Mental Health Worker


 What will I learn?

In addition to learning the roles and functions of the Community Support Worker, this career program is grounded in a solid understanding of psychology and ethics.

  • assessing and recording

  • life-skills training techniques

  • program planning and implementation

  • crisis intervention

  • management and debriefing

  • counseling and communication skills

  • medication and pharmacology

  • planning

  • physical care

The program is designed to enhance students’ competence and confidence in all human interactions.


Is Community Support the career for me?

If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career in the social services sector, then Community Support Work is right for you. Community Support Workers and Educational Assistants help support individuals with developmental challenges, mental illnesses and physical disabilities to enjoy a better quality of life. They support people throughout the community, in homes, in schools and in a variety of other settings and programs.

Community Support Worker/Educational Assistant

· · ·

Program Start Date:


Program Length:

42 Weeks, full-time


Program Fees & Tuition:

Fees apply to this program. Please contact our office for details.


Minimum Requirements:


  • Successful completion of Grade 12 and all graduation requirements

  • Criminal record check


Certifications attained in this program:

  • BLS First Aid (Basic Life Support)

  • Food Safe

  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention


CSW/EA Information Session


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