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What is Trades Exploration?

Trades Exploration is a course that is of special interest to students who are considering pursuing a career in the skilled trades after graduation.

Trades Exploration offers students the chance to explore three trades in a hands-on environment.  This course allows students to get some experience in some high demand trades.

Riverside College will be offering Trades Exploration during the summer semester to students who are over the age of 16 before July 1st.


Why Take the Trades Exploration Program?

The trades offered in Trades Exploration are also offered as a Year 1 Foundation program at Riverside College. A student may easily transition from the Trades Exploration to the trade of their choice and begin their apprenticeship starting the next school year. Early registration is encouraged to ensure a place.  Each student will gain 4 Ministry of Education credits towards graduation in the Trades Sampler Program.

What Will I Learn in the Trades Exploration Program?

Trades Modules:

Core Training:

  • BC Apprenticeship System

  • Employability skills

  • Essential skills in Literacy, Numeracy and Technical Fluency related to trades

  • Safe Work Practices

  • Career planning


  • Electrical circuits

  • Drawings and Specifications

  • Install and test electrical circuits.


  • Hand and Portable Tool use

  • Pipes and Fittings

  • Install simple plumbing systems 


  • Tool and Shop Equipment use

  • Read Construction Drawings 

  • Frame floors, support systems and walls

Trades Exploration

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Program Start Date:

We are not offering this program at this time.




Program Length:

3 Weeks

Program Fees & Tuition:

Fees apply to this program. Please contact our office for details.



  • Be 16 years of age before     July 1



  • Construction Safety Training



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